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Financial Planning: 9 Key Issues

Devising a personalized plan means much more than providing a roadmap to your individual goals. It’s also anticipating the potential roadblocks along the way that may derail you. While each client is unique, based on our experience with hundreds of families, we have identified nine wealth management issues that affect most individuals.

Our ongoing commitment to frequent and pro-active communication, allows us to know each client well enough to help them anticipate, understand and plan for each phase as it arises to the forefront.

These issues are:

Investment Management*

We create an optimum investment strategy through our personalized wealth management process that factors in your goals, expectations and risk comfort level. We manage the financial details so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Cash Flow and Debt Management

Money is the lifeline to securing your financial future. Opportunities for improved cash flow through tax savings strategies and proper debt management are identified.

Tax Planning

With a specialization in taxation, each client’s wealth management strategy is designed to operate at maximum efficiency, considering both current tax laws and future changes on the horizon.

Family Risk Management

To protect what is most important to you, we assess all insurance coverage to determine whether you have proper and cost effective coverage in place when it comes to disability, death, and long term care insurance.

Retirement Planning

Innovative, best in class strategies to protect assets and provide consistent income that will address your last throughout your retirement.

Education Planning

Advanced education planning strategies that consider financial aid qualifiers, gifting and estate tax circumstances and other tax savings strategies – all while considering your other wealth management goals.

Legacy Planning

Whether it's gifting now, or in the future, legacy planning creates strategies to be sure your wealth is maintained and distributed according to your desires in a tax efficient manner.

Major Life Transitions & Divorce Planning

Clients often come to us at a time of crisis. We bring expertise and professionalism to the unexpected, including sudden wealth, widowhood, or divorce. We assist clients in making critical decisions and providing objective solutions during emotional times to secure their financial future. This translates to peace of mind.

Special Situations Planning

Your life’s plan is often sidetracked, not by intention but by circumstances.. It’s important to have an experienced advocate to ensure that the unexpected doesn’t wreak havoc with your financial future.

*Investment and financial planning services are offered by Vickie Adams through her affiliation with HD Vest