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The Wealth Management Process

Designing Your Unique "Vision" Plan

We employ a disciplined approach to wealth management that allows us to focus on your 360 degree vision for your financial future, while meeting incremental goals.

Our process leverages sophisticated financial planning tools to:

  • Create a stress tested portfolio tailored to your individual needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon.
  • Mitigate emotional decision making and potential market timing mistakes to keep your focus on your long term financial goals.
  • Proactively monitor and adjust your portfolio in accordance with your risk profile as economic or personal circumstances dictate.

Discovery Meeting

The initial discovery meeting is about more than numbers. Vickie meets with each client personally. We take time to learn your history, your values as well as your vision for your life and your family’s future in addition to your unique financial profile.

We seek to identify and prioritize short term, long term and milestone events. We review specific challenges and personal financial circumstances. We consider cash flow, current investments, estate planning, tax issues as well as your personal preferences and financial lifestyle.


Once discovery is complete, we review how each piece of the puzzle fits together.

We analyze your tolerance for risk, your time horizon as well as your existing assets and their investment performance. Research is tailored to clarify your most important objectives.

Plan Development

Utilizing unique technology, we design a plan illustrating your complete financial picture in one comprehensive place. We employ complete diversification to reduce risk, and maximize performance in a variety of scenarios.

Investment recommendations undergo stress-testing that simulate random market environments to determine your probability of attaining your goals. A comprehensive written plan is developed.

Plan presentation and review

Upon completion, we present your unique financial “Vision” plan. We review all recommendations and alternatives using clear terms to ensure that you understand and approve every step of the plan and all available options. Our primary criteria for any investment recommendation is how it will help your portfolio achieve your stated goals.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Upon plan approval, we meet to begin the implementation process. Documents are prepared for client signatures and asset management transition begins. This is where your vision for your financial future becomes our principal goal.

On-going Monitoring

Each financial plan is constantly monitored and proactively managed to facilitate adjustments as markets and circumstances change. This process offers customization, transparency, flexibility, and provides peace of mind. We strive to eliminate the need to manage minute financial details so you can focus on those things you enjoy in your life.

Communication and Periodic Review

A personal communication plan is tailored to each client’s preferences. We encourage and initiate frequent client contact in order to update and modify your plan to reflect the changes in your life. We reassess your plan after all important life changes such as career shifts, life and family transitions, such as divorce or loss, as well unanticipated income like sudden wealth or inheritance.

We welcome telephone ‘check-ins’ to answer questions as well as keep us aware of the changes in your life. A personal communication plan is tailored to every client.

We offer quarterly meetings to review reports to confirm that you are on track or discuss any questions you may have.

Professional Network Meetings

Wealth creates opportunities but can also create complex situations. We work in partnership with your existing other trusted advisors: estate attorneys, accountants, Private bankers or other professionals, to be sure that you properly implement the advanced planning strategies we have recommended.

We have an extensive network of trusted professionals that we can call on to assist you in all situations.